Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Should You Wax Your Face?

Since we're in the Christmas season with parties and other get-togethers, I'll be doing a series on holiday pampering and gifting, starting with what I'm doing this week: a whole fax wax. I'm hoping with this posting you'll know more about what it is and why I can't live without it.

Background, first. I inherited a lot of hair from my dad. It's great on my head and eyebrows, but it also creeps all over my face and neck. This has been a lifelong problem. I never shaved my face - ew - but I did try birth control to help it and to regulate my heavy period. TMI, I know.

One day, my husband kindly told me it looked like I had a mustache. I'm not being sarcastic; he very nicely told me of my dilemma, which I wanted him to do. So, I booked an appointment for a lip waxing. I'll be honest. The upper lip is the most painful part of the face to be waxed, but man did I feel like a woman after!

After enjoying the hairless lip for a month, I decided to get the whole face done. It is cheaper to do that. Where has this been my whole life?! No longer was I a werewolf! I was a real woman! No more hair on my sides! I had the perfect eyebrows! It was wonderful!

So what should you expect or need to know? Do not drink caffeine the day you get it done. It makes it so much more painful. Caffeine affects the nervous system, so you will feel the burn much more than you normally would. Which leads to my next part. The upper lip will hurt, but not as much as you think it will. Tell your esthetician to put a lot of numbing cream on you to help. Let her or him know if your skin is more sensitive than what is considered average. After you have your waxing, use some lavender essential oil on your face. It smells great and helps with irritation.

Will this make your hair darker or coarser? No. In face, it will have the opposite effect. The more you have waxings, the longer you can go between waxings.

I have been doing this for over a year, and I always go to Michelle. I highly recommend you use the same person each time. Michelle now knows my skin and what works best for me. She puts on great products to help with ease the hair out and to help with pain and irritation. This procedure has the potential to be painful if performed by the wrong person, so start with a small part of your face to see if you like the person's technique or not.

I absolutely cannot live without my waxings. If you have unruly facial hair, you should get this done.

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