Friday, May 13, 2011

I Could Use Some Flowers

Okay, so there are some things in life I'd love to have as a staple. These are usually things I have to work up to, usually by getting a decent job to afford these luxuries. Admit it; you have some too! I think we all do or have dreamed of it at one point. One of those, "One day, I'll be able to..." and fill in the blank. It helps to keep us motivated, I think. So, for me, one of the things I would love to have is always having fresh flowers in the house. I realized just how important the season was for the right flowers when I was married this past October; many of the flowers I wanted were out of season. Bye, bye, peonies! So, I thought I'd post some of my favorite flowers for the house.

What about you? What was/is something you'd like to have one day?

Peonies - either white or soft pink. I like them best when they haven't opened yet.

White roses - I don't like long stemmed roses, either. White roses are so clean and elegant to me. 

Hydrangeas - I had them in the wedding. My grandmother had a hydrangea bush in her front yard, so they remind me of her.

Hyacinths - they have the strongest smell, and it smells so good! It can fill any size room. I love it!

Daisies - of course. They are sweet smelling and timeless. I've always loved them.

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