Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coach Love

One of my favorite labels is Coach. I've had a love affair with the brand for years. I love the range of materials used and that the handbags can be very pricey or affordable-ish. I was initially drawn based on the bags, but I also love the shoes and jewelry. I'm not a big fan of the perfume because they tend to be soft and subtle, and I like a strong scent that lasts.

I remember my first Coach handbag. It had purple leather and the signature fabric material and gold hardware. It was beautiful. I wore that handbag out. I used it everyday for two solid years. Then, I moved on to a purple handbag from the Poppy line. It had a longer strap with the option of handles to create a traditional handbag look. I wore it out, too. I wore it out faster since it was all fabric and no leather. I used it for about a year and a half and mentioned it here.

After that, I discovered the Coach Factory Outlet. My last bag was from there. I use it when I travel to different cities and such. It's a crossbody, cream, and the perfect size for traveling. Not too big, just the right size for essentials. I mention it here. I loved this one, too. What I failed to fully realize what how quickly it gets dirty, and not from the front either. It would get jean stains on the back. I had the cleaner, of course, but it can be a pest to clean.

I live close to a Factory Outlet and the typical Coach store. I love my Michael Kors bag I have now that I blogged about here and don't plan on replacing it for a long time. My attention is now toward the Coach jewelry and other accessories. It being Coach, the items are a bit pricey, so I just stare and dream of them. These are my current loves and wants.

Scarf - $98

Earmuffs - $88

Small Pave Disc Pendant Necklace -$68

Watch - $358

Wallet - $198

Do you love Coach or is it just me?

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