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Kate Middleton's Beauty Regimen

It seems like every time Kate Middleton appears in public, whether it's for a royal function or going to the store, she looks flawless. Growing up, my mother always told me to take care of my face, to spend a little more on quality products. That said, I always like knowing the good products out there. Over the years, my products have changed as my facial needs have changed with time. I don't believe in having to buy the priciest products, but I do feel you should buy what works best for you. I've read articles from dermatologists who say that some items, like the facial cleanser, don'tt have to be the designer line because it doesn't stay on your face long enough to do anything; whereas, moisturizers need to be quality as they are on the longest and do the best work.

So, what does Kate do to always look radiant? I've scoured the Internet reading articles on what she does. These include sightings of her buying products as well as insider tips. Starting from the foundation of skin care and working our way up, here are some of Kate's favorites. Keep in mind, she doesn't wear them all at once. For example, she wouldn't wear both moisturizers at the same time. Who would? It's just a list of what she has been reported wearing or spotted buying at one point.

Face Cleanser
Karin Herzog Professional Cleanser

According to Julie Cichocki of Karin Herzog, Kate has been using this brand since her time at St. Andrews University. She first started with the Oxygen line and then progressed to the Professional Cleanser as she approached 30.

"A dual action cleanser and make up remover effectively removes impurities while conditioning the skin. Formulated with pure essential oils including gardenia, rose and geranium, sesame oil this innovative formuation helps unclog pores, dissolves impurities and restores the skin's pH balance resulting in a hydrated and clean complexion."

Nivea Visage Pure and Natural

Kate has been spotted heading into local stores to buy Nivea's product. She shops at a place called Boots, which I can only gather is like Target.   

"Formula works by combining natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Argan Oil both organically grown. It has no parabens, no silicones, no colourants and no mineral oils. It has natural moisturisers for skin hydration and nourishment." 

Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 2

Kate also uses this moisturizer. I, too, believe in using an anti-aging cream at any age. When I had facials, my lovely facialist told me to go ahead and do this as it prevents wrinkles.

"A patented moisturizer containing 2% oxygen that normalizes mature, oily, or combination skin, hydrates skin and helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles."

Spot Zapper
Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 3

This spot corrector works on acne and uneven skin tone. It has been said to be very effective.

"An essential spot treatment for blemishes, containing 3% oxygen and vitamins A and E. Formulated to target specific areas of concern, such as blemishes and uneven skin tone, it's an essential part of the acne regime."

Face Mask
Heaven Bee Venom Mask

The mask first came to Kate from her mother-in-law, Camilla after her engagement and has used it ever since. It is said to be an organic alternative to Botox. It can be applied as a thick mask and washed off or applied in a smaller amount twice and day and left on.

"This unique product has been specially created using natural and organic ingredients, combined to work in synergy for an instant anti-ageing effect. Containing Manuka Honey, renowned for its soothing and healing properties, it also contains the magic Bee Venom ingredient that works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst getting to work on frown lines and wrinkles. Bee Venom Mask also contains ingredients of softening and calming Shea Butter, Rose and Lavender essential oils - leaving you looking your youthful best. "

Eye Cream
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

The eye area tends to be the first area on the face one sees when they look at someone. An eye cream helps to keep the wrinkles away and can make you look awake and alert. Kate has been spotted picking this up at the Peter Jones department store.

"This quick-absorbing eye cream delivers naturally-occurring humectants that melt into the skin, leaving the eye area soft, smooth and refreshed for up to 24 hours. A perfect level of emollients imparts a lightweight texture, allowing concealer to glide on evenly - Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel Extract soothe and comfort; Jojoba Seed, Avocado Oil and Squalane condition and revive continuously."

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15

Kate does her own make up, and the line she uses the most is Bobbi Brown. Kate was seen at the Bobbi Brown counter in Peter Jones. She stayed for a consultation to learn tricks of what to wear.

"Bobbi's popular moisturizing formula provides Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sun protection while it hydrates skin and delivers a soft, beautiful finish. The formula is buildable, allowing medium to full coverage as desired. For Normal to Dry skin types."

Tinted Moisturizer
Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Pre-wedding, Kate was seen buying this. I've used a tinted moisturizer and love it. This gives you a look with a hint of color. It's a perfect subtle look. Use it instead of foundation.

"A sheer, lightweight, buildable foundation that can be worn by all skin types but especially those with acne prone, sensitive or oily skin. Providing broad spectrum SPF 20 UVA/UVB sunscreen protection from the harmful, damaging rays of the sun, Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer features an antioxidant vitamin complex that acts a free radical scavenger to protect the skin from even the most aggressive effects of the environment."

 Bobbi Brown in Ivory, Rock Star, and Slate

Kate uses Bobbi Brown eyeshadow for her look. This combo gives a neutral feel so her eye color can take center stage. She used it for her wedding, and she still uses them but has tweaked the application a bit. Having Bobbi Brown shadow of my own, I can tell you that they're great products.

"This silky, matte powder shadow goes on smoothly & blends easily. The densely pigmented formula can be layered and comes in a range of beautiful shades for defining lids and lining eyes."

Bobbi Brown Black Ink Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

This was the eyeliner of choice for Kate's wedding. It takes a steady hand to do this one.

"This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant color glides on & let's you get it just right before it dries - then stays without a smear or crease."

Lancome Crayon Khol Eyeliner

Kate has now switched to this eyeliner. She lines the top and bottom lids. To get a full effect like Kate's, line under the top lid as well.

"Loaded with colour pigments, this classic eye lining pencil lets you outline, emphasises or redefines the shape of your eyes easily and precisely. Choose from a range of shades to coordinate with your eye shadow or your eye colour. Suitable for use above or below the lash line to create the look you desire."

Lancome Hypnose

Kate relies on Hypnose for her lashes, which she was spotted buying right before her wedding. The mascara gives her thick, long lashes. 

"Turn up the volume of your lashes 6 times for instant come-hither, hypnotizing eyes. Tiny, barely-there lashes are no match for the patented brush that thickens lashes from root to tip with custom volume you can control. And the exclusive, fluid SoftSculpt formula, enriched with Vitamin B5, wraps lashes one luxurious layer at a time without smearing, smudging or clumping."

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Another item Kate loves is this corrector. Not to be confused with a concealer, it goes on right before the concealer. It's another trick and tool used to look alert.

"A wakeup call for tired eyes. Corrector is pink- or peach-based to neutralize under-eye darkness and is designed to be used before Creamy Concealer. New and improved formula is long-wearing and brightens dark circles with quick, just-right coverage that's easy to blend and won't crease. And since great makeup starts with healthy skin, Corrector is infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate under-eye area. "

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

Kate never looks tired, and that's mostly in part to the YSL Touch Eclat. Many people rave about this product and how it easily makes one look, well, radiant.

"Capture 8 hours of sleep with the click of a pen. With a few strategic strokes of this award-winning complexion highlighter—dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue virtually disappear. Powered by the radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex, skin is instantly illuminated, so you look rested and refreshed—even if you’ve been up for hours. Sleek and sophisticated, it discretely slips into a makeup bag for quick touch-ups anytime. It’s the one beauty essential no woman should ever be without."

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Another concealer Kate has been spotted getting is this brightener by Bobbi Brown.

"Bobbi's Tinted Eye Brightener, now in a NEW portable pen. Back-of-cab makeup artists (you know who you are): With just a quick twist and a click - no need to pack a separate brush - you can apply this lightweight concealer to instantly brighten under-eye circles and refresh your makeup. Available in eight shades. "

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blusher

Her rosy glow comes from another Bobbi Brown product. The blush in the pale pink shade provides great coverage without worrying about shining later on.

"Silky formula glides on smoothly and offers a matte finish with long-lasting wear."

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Brick in Pink Quartz

After the make up is applied, Kate finishes off with the bronzer that gives her an all-over glow. It's another trick she uses to keep looking awake and refreshed.

"This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a soft, warm pink glow. Works well with neutral and pink blush shades."

Eyebrow Filler
Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Saddle

Kate has recently started filling in her eyebrows. Using the tips she learned at the Bobbi Brown make up counter, she uses a slanted brush to apply.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Sandwash Pink and Sandwash Tulle

Opting to showcase her eyes, Kate lipstick is a soft neutral. This, like so many of her other make up products, she has kept after the wedding and still uses. She has two colors she likes to use.

"Bobbi's original formula treats lips to rich color with a soft-matte finish. Infused with Vitamins E and C as well as Beeswax, it also moisturizes and comforts lips."

Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss

Following application of lipstick, Kate finishes with a gloss. It gives her shine without the obvious brightness of a typical gloss.

"This clear, high-shine Lip Gloss is the easiest way to instantly enhance lips. Wear alone for a naturally luscious look or layer over your favorite Lip Color and Lip Liner for added brilliance. Comes in an easy-squeeze tube that makes it ideal for home—or on-the-go."

Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Brownie Pink

This was another trick picked up at the counter. Kate has recently begun to apply the liner not only around her lip but also all over her lip to act as a primer.

"A naturally flattering way to define lips. Lip Liner is long-wearing and non-drying, applies smoothly and evenly, and helps reduce feathering. Each liner includes a sharpener."

Xen Tan Spray

According to the people for the brand, Kate is a fan. They say her color is Deep Bronze Luxe.

"Voted Best Ever Beauty Buy by Elle Beauty, this is the ultimate in self-tan indulgence. Offering outstanding results, it contains more DHA than our best-selling Deep Bronze product, so offers a deeper colour after just one application. Plus the larger pack means you'll enjoy even more tans from each purchase. It also contains additional vitamin E, Green Tea and skin-loving anti-oxidants that soothe, smooth and nourish skin while providing an instant and natural colour you'll love."

Urban Retreat Airbrush Tan
It is believed that Kate visits this salon for tanning treatments. She uses the spray application, never a tanning bed.

Essie Allure and Bourjois Rose Lounge

Some might not realize that Kate's beautiful nail color is actually a creation by Marina Sandoval at the Jo Hansford Salon in London. Taken there by Camilla, Marina created this look for Kate. Kate continues to visit regularly for her manicures.

Illuminum White Gardenia Petals

On her wedding day, Kate chose to smell like a bouquet of flowers. For those dying for this scent, it's now available at Henri Bendel. 

"As fragrant as a vase of white flowers, quivering in the breeze by an open window, this is a delicate and refined perfume. The top note of Lily evokes a tropical seaside location, whilst the heart notes of White Gardenia, Muguet and Jasmine breeze bring a trio of white flowers into play, much like a bride’s bouquet. Amber Wood base note underscores this light and capricious bouquet."


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