Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kendra's Night Out Challenge

Not too long ago I was asked by the lovely Kendra to participate in her challenge:

"I am heading to New York City in a few weeks with a group of friends, and I'm inviting you to help me put together the wardrobe that will complement my travel plans. It should include ideas for a night out at The Standard High Line Hotel. With being a mom to three wonderful kids, I don't always know what the latest trends are or how to dress for a night of wining and fine dining - that's why I need your help!"

Well, I am very happy to help out! Summers in NYC can be warm, so I suggest an easy summer dress with sandals. NYC is a city for walking an exploring, so I suggest exploring the neighborhood of the restaurant. The sandals, which are vegan, are low wedges, which will be comfortable and provide good back support, both vital for walking! Kendra also mentioned in her emails that she and her friends plan on playing some games of ping-pong, so the height of the wedges is perfect for it.

I stuck with bright colors, perfect for the summer. The statement necklace is the only piece of jewelry aside from the watch so that it won't overwhelm the look. Sunglasses complete the ensemble for keeping out the rays of the setting sun.

Here's more on what Kendra wants:

Big Apple Eats
I am so excited that I am getting to go to New York City some sightseeing and shopping. With all the excitement of buying tickets and booking hotels, I did not think about what to pack. As the trip draws closer, I have begun to look through my closet in earnest and discovered that I have nothing to wear! Okay, I do have clothes, but as a mom with 3 children my wardrobe will not leave me looking my best in the Big Apple. I have created the Kendra Fashion Challenge so that my wardrobe will get the tender loving care that it needs and I will look amazing on my trip. 

While visiting the Big Apple, we wanted to spend an evening out wining and dining. After a little research, we decided on some yummy German food at Biergarten in the Standard High Line Hotel. True to the beer garden theme, during the summer this restaurant has an outdoor seating area, but in the winter it becomes a glass-enclosed haven with scrumptious sausage and pretzels. Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner oversees this delightful German restaurant. After eating, we can play a spirited game of ping-pong and enjoy our beer. I actually got the idea to eat here from a friend who just returned from a trip to Los Angles where she ate at the Biergarten at Standard High Line Hotel there. 

As I finish up finding the last few things to do, I will take the time to get some real opinions from other travelers on I know that I am going to have in the Big Apple, but when visiting the Standard High Line Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, I will enjoy it more when I am dressed in the latest fashions from my fashion challenge. 

One other suggestion while in New York City: eat at Laduree!

Kendra's Night Out Challenge

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