Monday, July 14, 2014

Trip for One

Being a Navy wife, I find a lot of time by myself for months on end. Sometimes it can be good, and sometimes it can be bad. My husband has a rotating schedule of so many months and home and so many months at sea. During his deployment, I take an overnight trip by myself. This past time, I stayed in Seattle. I have overnighted in the downtown area during a deployment, but this time I stayed in a different neighborhood and in a bed and breakfast. My destination was the University District of Seattle. It's close to the downtown area, about fifteen minutes or so by car, and home to the University of Washington.

Upon first arriving at the city, I went shopping in the downtown area while I waited for the time to check in to my B&B. The shopping area I chose is close to the convention center and the swanky shops. I haven't been there before, so it was nice to explore. I discovered the Cheesecake Factory was there, so I popped in for a treat.

A goal of going to the downtown area was to see the Seattle Public Library. During library school and then as a librarian, I'd heard great things about the downtown branch of SPL. I knew I had to visit, especially after learning that the library offers a coffee shop and gift shop. Needless to say, I loaded up on bibliophile materials. You can see the main floor in the pictured above. There are eleven floors, including one with soundproof music rooms! I know!

Another library I visited, pictured above, was the main library at UW. This image is of the reading room. How gorgeous and inspiring is this? Now, you might be wondering why I am visiting a university. Sure, I already have my Bachelor's and Master's degrees (you need a Master's to be a librarian, in case you're wanting to pursue that path), but I am starting to consider the possibility of attaining a doctorate in the field. The University of Washington is number three in the country for library school, so this was a great place to start my research. Plus, I have a thing for universities. It is my goal in life to work at a university. 

My exploration of the U District expanded from the campus to the surrounding streets. The area is a collection of unique shops and restaurants that can be easily explored on foot. Plus, the campus is so gorgeous and features a great museum, so you'll have plenty to do for the day.

I chose  The Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast to stay for two nights. It was lovely. The people who work there are very helpful - such as showing the easy routes to get to places, and great places to eat - and the setting was so beautiful. Even though I was in the city, I felt completely removed from everything. I would love to take my husband there one day. The breakfasts are amazing. I had been wanting to stay there for months, and I loved every minute of it.

On my way home, I took afternoon tea at the Georgian Restaurant in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Yes, that hotel. It was exquisite. I made reservations, and when I arrived and throughout my experience, I was always called Mrs. Green. I loved pretending I was rich. The tea service was wonderful and very filling. If you're in Seattle, you must try this. This was one of my best experiences.

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