Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum Express Mascara Review

Yesterday, I decided to get a new mascara. The one I had - Maybelline classic - was dried out, and I wanted to try something completely new. I love how the character Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time has her eyes done, and I was hoping for the same effect.

I thought a baby doll mascara would work. I'm a huge fan of Maybelline mascara, and from all of the voter awards it receives, so are many of you. While I was shopping the many variety of Maybelline mascara, I noticed the company had a nice guide on display so that I could choose the one I wanted based on the effect I wanted to create. It was between the Mega Plush and the Falsies Flared. After going on YouTube to see how it would look on others, I quickly realized that many ladies fail to mention what type of eyelashes they have; after all, we don't all have the same hair type, so why would our lashes be any different? After looking at the package very closely and reading good reviews, I settled on the Mega Plush mascara. Here's how it looks on me.

To start, my lashes are naturally long with a slight curve up and the end. They are a little thick, too. Here's what they look like with nothing on whatsoever. I just brushed them.

The Mega Plush I chose is waterproof in 275 Very Black. They have several other color options, but they aren't waterproof, and I like mine waterproof. It can be a devil to get off, but worth it.

After one coat, my lashes looked longer and a tiny bit thicker. It goes on very well without any clumps. If a clump comes out, it's tiny and easy to remove. Here's one coat.

Application tip - at the base of your lashes, sweep the wand side to side to separate and make darker.

I waited a few seconds for it to dry, and I thought "Wonder what it looks like with two coats." So, my curiosity got me and I applied another coat. It went on smoothly, too.

As you can see, you get more length with the second coat. I usually only put one coat on, but I might be adding that second one. In case you're wondering, here's the wand fresh from the tube/package. It does bend, but I found that very helpful.

Overall, I am very pleased with the mascara and how it looks on me. I guess to get the Emma Swan look, I need to add some liner.


Jenmarie said...

Your eyelashes DO look like hers! I like the length it provides :)

Ashley said...

Thanks, Jen!! :D It really feels nice on!

Fashion Tales said...

Great review! I'm sure for the show they also added lashes to hers, but I want to try this type, it really looks nice!

Ashley said...

Thanks, Fashion Tales! :)