Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Five

It's Friday! Yay! Here are five things I'm currently loving.

Rain! We need rain right now. There's a bit of a drought going on here. Woah, it just started raining! Seriously!! Yay!

Okay, I'm really excited about the new site, that was announced yesterday. I still love Harry Potter and am fascinating by the success and genius of JK Rowling.

While in Chicago, my husband and I found a Coach Outlet Store. I love those! The purses on new and marked down PLUS they give you a coupon for more savings! In our case, 30% off! So, my sweet husband bought me a new purse. I love it!

I had my first macaroon experience in Chicago, and it was heaven in my mouth. When we move to San Diego in a few weeks, it's going to be my mission to find more!

I had a craving for Pop Tarts, so I've been enjoying them this week. I like the Great Value Chocolate Fudge ones because they taste better than Pop Tarts. Love it!


Heather said...

I've seriously never had a macaroon, but I really want to!

Jenmarie said...

It's been so hot here! I'd rather skip Summer and invite more rain!

Aww, your husband is sweet! The coach bag is darling!

...I'm still so jealous you got to try macaroons! Yum!