Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Projoct - Self Reinvention

Every year after school ended, I would always try to reinvent myself. Sometimes it would work, most times it didn't. I'm trying it again. The big difference about this summer as compared to the other years is I'm living in a new town, so this is the best time to restart myself. I'm trying to get settled in to Puget Sound, WA. I feel like I live in Middle Earth where we are. It's amazing. It's not hot at all; the plants are so lush and beautiful.

I've had a lot of time to think. Traveling all over the place will let you do that. Here's what I hope to do/accomplish in my new town.

 1. Lose five pounds each month. I'm actually going to try for this. So many times I put this down without actually trying. We've all been there. I have devised a daily schedule to help me with this. Now that I live in small town America again and not in the middle of a busy city I can get in a good walk with nature and clean air. I love walking, but I don't like walking where the traffic is busy like it was where I lived in San Diego.

2. Get a job. Here I go again trying to hit the job  market. The island doesn't offer a lot of jobs, especially in my area of expertise, so it will be interesting. I'm about an hour away from a biggish city.

3. Learn to quilt. There is a sewing/quilting store in town, and I'm hoping to take lessons. My grandmother made the most beautiful quilts, but she died before she could teach me.

4. Eat more local fruits and veggies. We live around a lot of farms, and they have produce stands all along the hiways. I love fresh fruit. I can't wait to go pick some and buy some.

5. Bike to places in town. This will help with number one. Our town is small, and we are so close to everything. I need a bag for the bike and I'm set!

6. Be a natural girl - natural products, food, living. I want to be more mindful of what goes in and on my body. Natural stuff the way God made them.

Fresh air, fresh food, nature everywhere. I hope I'll love it here.

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