Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Year Resolution: Softer Skin

I have to admit, I neglect keeping my skin soft. Sometimes, I just get so wrapped up with the day's events, it slips my mind. Not this year. This is a resolution I know I can keep. Why do I love a resolution like this? Well, this year, my 27th year, I'm focusing on prevention. I've been at the age for a while where I need to start thinking about my future so that I can live longer, healthier, and keep on looking younger. So, starting from head to toe, here's how to get nice and smooth. Some of my favorites and some I have heard about.

When I wash my face, I always fnish with a moisturizer. I like having a daily face scrub as my wash, tone, then moisturize. In the morning, I use Olay Total Effects with SPF 15. One full pump is typically too much; I use about a little more than half a pump. This product works on seven signs of aging.
 At night, I end my facial routine with the amazing Clarins Multi-Active Night cream. It's also an anti-aging prevention cream. The combination of these two both clear my face and make it nice and smooth. Clarins can be pricey. In fact, one I'm done with this one, I'm completely switching to Olay.

This body wash is amazing. It deeply moisturizes my skin and leaves is so smooth. I tried this while staying with my parents, and I'm a convert. I currently use St. Ives moisturizer, so when I get back, I'll compare and contrast. If there's a difference, I will definitely switch. Aveeno is amazing, though.

I haven't tried this, but I've been wanting a lotion with SPF in it. Aveeno is great; so is Jergens. Either option works amazingly, but if you're going to lotion up, go with the SPF to always take care of the skin. Skin cancer prevention should always be on everyone's top priority; it is on mine.

My mother swears by this. She used this after her two operations on her arm to remove the melanoma. It's one of the best moisturizing products out there. I found this on Walgreens website, so check it out there. You will switch to it. Feet, too? Yes! This works great on rough feetsies.

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