Monday, December 5, 2011

Handbag Love

I have a weakness for handbags. I'm not sure why as I wasn't always like this. This has happened within the past five or so years. For me, if I buy a nice handbag, I use it for over a year. I like to get my money's worth! Before I moved to San Diego, I wasn't as enthralled with them. I loved Coach before moving (it was my bag of choice starting 2008 when I could afford one), but now that I'm in a city where the designer bags are so easily available, I find that I'm more interested than before. Back home, when it was time for a new bag, I would go and look and would get one only when I found the right one. The closest Coach store was an hour from my home. See no "evil" really applied. Ah, I miss the quiet life. Anyway, the good thing about San Diego and all its handbag glory is that I can find the sales. I know whenever I buy my next bag, I want it to be all leather and not just a leather tote. (Leather totes are amazing for work.)

My designer bags of choice are Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors. I love American designers. Coach and Micheal Kors have wonderful leather and Kate Spade is great with color. With Kate Spade, I mostly look and drool; I only will buy on the sample sale. Here are some of my favorites.

New Madison Embossed Croc Sophia Satchel - $498.00

Madison Leather Sophia Satchel - $358.00

Madison Leather Flap Carryall - $458.00

Michael Kors
MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel, Slate Crocodile Embossed - $348

MICHAEL Michael Kors Bedford Medium Satchel, Mocha - $348
(Love this! Too bad it's not purple!)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Medium Bedford Dressy Ostrich Embossed Tote, Luggage - $348

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Hamilton Frosted Jelly Tote, Frosted Clear - $268

Kate Spade
Bow Bridge Helena - $545.00

Flicker Melinda - $345.00

Mansfield Liv $425.00

Gold Coast Shimmer Small Maryanne - $375.00

Grove Court Lainey - $425.00

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