Saturday, November 26, 2011

Amazing Face Primer: Victoria's Secret

During the commercials of the greatest football game of the year, the Iron Bowl, I decided to do a little post on a great product. I had these two $10 off coupons from Victoria's Secret. I decided to go for a face primer; it was $15, SPF 15. It's oil-free, and it goes on so smoothly. The SPF 20 wasn't in any of the stores I went in. I haven't had a primer in a long time, so I wasn't too sure if I actually needed one. I love it! No wonder it has won some awards. It really works. Here's the thing: I realized when I use it, I need to cull back on the foundation since the primer does such a good job! I was using too much foundation.

Why is a primer so good? This one smooths out your face, and if you have any deep pore or any wrinkles, it helps to cover them. An oil-free primer is great b/c it helps to keep the makeup from melting and smearing. Even with only the primer on, I looked 10x better and fresher. I'm converted. A primer is amazing and a necessity. I also have an eyeshadow primer from Benefit; I might change to VS once I'm out.

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