Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yeah, I'm pretty homesick. Sure, I have my wonderful husband, but I really miss my hometown and parents. Like crazy. That's one of the reasons I've been kinda AWOL this week on posting. That and I haven't been too inspired lately. I always thought I would like living in the big city, but after moving from a small town to San Diego, I realize that that is not me. What I do like about this city are all of the activities to do. I hope to join one of the four rowing companies out here. Just a matter of time and money. It's on my list of activities to do next.

The city does offer so much more than my hometown. I am at least enjoying that part.

I turned 27 this week, and I feel like there's so much I haven't done with my life. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I want to be a librarian. I was born for it. It's just taking longer to get it that I had realized. Stupid economy. Getting out of my comfort zone, I've had a long time to really think and reflect. Sometimes, we just need that quiet. Sure, the silence can be deafening, but it might be what we need. I realized that I use designer things as a crutch. I don't have a lot: mostly just handbags. I used the handbags to feel like I had value. Crazy, huh? Like I had to use them to validate myself. It might go back to grade school when I was ignored by my peers. I use the items as a shield. Now I understand I don't need them. I want basic, simple things that don't cost a fortune. Yes, I like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach, but I realize that they aren't needed. I want to turn to a more comfortable lifestyle. An active life. To have less, but quality, such as the beauty below.  

Feast your eyes on The North Face jacket I want. I prefer Columbia, but this jacket just sings to me. Some items are worth the investment; this has the right technology to keep me warm without it being a huge bundle; great for camping and hiking that my husband and I love. I buy mine - if I ever do - at the NEX. This normally costs $129; at the NEX it's $100 no tax.

My new discovery is REI, a store that specializes in active wear and sporting goods. It's the perfect store for my new life. I haven't bought anything yet b/c of the pricing, but I will one day! Little by little I'm getting the life I want.

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