Sunday, November 20, 2011

San Diego place to see: Cabrillo/Point Loma Tidepools

San Diego is filled with so much to see and do. That helps me when the homesickness sets in. I love the water and the ocean life. It's so exciting to see, and I never get tired of it. The tide pools at Point Loma are a must-see. You enter the Cambrillo park close to the naval base to get to it. It's $5 per car to get in. It includes the original lighthouse plus park area.

When you go to the pools, I recommend wearing water shoes since there are a lot of rocks and seaweed. Hermit crabs are a plenty there, so the shoes help with that, too. You can't take any sand or sea life with you, including shells, so you won't need anything to that effect. Bring a camera! You will encounter a nasty smell because the seaweed washes on shore and starts to rot. You might also find crab and lobster carcasses in them. Be sure, though, to not pick up hermit crabs that are attached to things because it can rip off their limbs; I hated seeing kids going crazy with them and parents doing nothing about it. Watch where you step! You may step on a sea anemone.

This is a beautiful, peaceful area, so be sure to check it out. On a clear day, you can see Mexico.

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