Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday - Not This Year!

For the past four years or so, my mother and I have gotten up early to shop on Black Friday. It wasn't too crazy in our city; people are generally calm and nice with enough sense to know it's going to be crowded. Now that I'm out and San Diego, there's no way I'm going to attempt it. First off, no money hinders this, and second, my husband saw people camped outside Target yesterday. No way am I trying this. The people here are crazy on the roads; I would hate to see what might happen in the store tomorrow! Plus, the sales after Christmas are usually better. I send gift cards to my family for Christmas. Everyone loves gift cards, and they can't be disappointed in what I get them.

Yesterday, I went to the Navy Exchange (NEX) to have my oil changed for $20. I know, right!? While waiting my car, I browsed around a bit. There are two main stores: the home stuff and the clothes/electronics stuff. My favorite is the clothes/electronics one. It also has shoes, nice cosmetics (Clinique, Benefit, Origins, Lancome, etc.), and jewelry. I love looking at the handbags. They carry Coach and Michael Kors. That's where I got this one:

It was on sale for $99. At the MK store, it would be $178. It was worth the splurge! Love it! It's really big, too. There's a nice pouch inside that's in the middle, so it nicely divides up the bag, not to mention the pockets on the side and small pockets inside.

Anyway, while at the NEX, I noticed the associates were in a bustle to get everything out for tomorrow. The handbags are normally 30% off; tomorrow they will slap on an additional 20% off. Did I mention no tax? Yes, it's a nice perk the military has! There are stacks upon stacks of handbags out already. They have banners out to tell customers where the line begins. Feast your eyes on the craziness:

It's a good thing I have credit cards to pay off, or I would be tempted! Yes, these are the real McCoy. No fakes or phonies here. I checked. Sure, you don't get the nice Coach or Michael Kors shopping bag, but that's okay. I'm drooling just looking at these.

Anyone braving the crowds tomorrow?


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Jenmarie said...

I love your new bag!! It's perfect!