Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shopping for the Job

Having not bought any clothing in almost a year and a half - a wedding dress doesn't count - I had a big need for new clothes for the new job. I'm really excited about this place b/c the dress is business casual! They even wear jeans! It's so different from teaching for me, which I would follow for clothing options of the suit variety. How nice to be able to dress more me! Do you have to dress differently for work than you would like?

First thing on the agenda was a hair cut. I went to Coronado Bliss, which is an Aveda salon! I love my new hair! I kept a lot of the length and had a bunch of layers added and bulk taken out. While there, I also picked up some styling product and shampoo/conditioner. Hey, if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right! Now, my frizz has been greatly reduced; what's left can be controlled with a flat iron and products.

Luckily, sales have been going on like crazy! If you love Loft, get there now b/c there's a 40% off sale! I stocked up on some cardigans and a shirt. It was a crazy good sale! Same going on at New York and Company. I'm officially a Loft fan!
I found a shirt at NY&Co. that I really wanted, but it did this weird bunching in the back, so it looked like I had a tumor. So sad because it's such a gorgeous color!

Target, as always, has some good deals. That's where I get my jeans and nowhere else. I love Fit 1. I picked up a cardigan and a couple of shirts including this.

I shopped until I dropped, but it was needed! Different climate, different job, so different wardrobe!

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Jenmarie said...

Did you already start your new job? Hope it's going well! Can't wait to see more of your new items!