Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello, San Diego!

Well, I made it out to San Diego with the cat in one piece! My husband and I are all settled in and finally have Internet! Yeah!

I've been exploring the city a lot. Turns out, I'll be able to complete several items from my 30 Before 30 list. Yay! There are several places to take high/afternoon tea. That will be so wonderful to be able to do! I've always wanted to do that.

We live just south of San Diego and hope to move to the north part of the city since that's closer to my husband's base. There are Navy bases all along the coast, so when I found the place we're in, I didn't realize I was looking at the wrong base! We found a furnished apartment; when the Navy can move us, we'll get a different place with our belongings.

I'm looking for a job like crazy. There are a ton of engineering jobs here, but I'm not an engineer. I know God will provide a job for me. After all, He got me in and through grad school, so I know He has a plan for me.

I can't get over all of the shopping available! Michael Kors (a new favorite of mine), Burberry (oh, dear!), Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Norstrom, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus. I'm in Heaven. I want some of Michael Kor's shoes and bracelets. I just might treat myself when I get a job. I have my eye on a trench at Burberry. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

I do miss home like crazy. I miss my family, the familiarity, real football (SEC is the best), Cracker Barrel, rain, leaves changing colors - heck, trees. There is a beauty here, but I miss home. I've visited many places, but I've never lived more than an hour and a half from my parents, and I'm very close to them, so it's really hard. I'm just grateful for cell phones!

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