Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yes, I know I haven't been posting like normal. My husband's shipping out for basic training for the Navy on Monday, so I've been spending all my time with him. He's taking a nap now, so I'm posting! I haven't talked about it a lot on here mostly because before it was a long way off. Now, it's reality. I have been having more and more sob fests. He'll be done in nine weeks, so I have to remind myself it's not like I'll never see him again. Plus, the Navy will give us a lot of opportunities, which I didn't know existed since my family's not military. Wow. I'm a Navy wife. Weird. I feel like two people. On the one hand I'm so proud of him for getting in and making a perfect score on the ASVAB test to qualify, and I know the Navy will give him the opportunities to get the job he has always wanted. On the other hand, I don't want him to go and leave me by myself. I know a little bit of discomfort is worth it in the end. Plus, with his position, he won't be out at sea all the time nor in harm's way. Still, I miss him even when he's next to me. And here come the tears again. Must distract myself....

So, these past few days I've been on a design kick. Mostly because when my husband's off I'll get to redecorate again! We're both stubborn about what we like in a room, but he'll be the first to admit there's more me in the place. I'm just going to "re-arrange" things. Mwahaha! 

I've always wanted a reading nook. We use our second bedroom - if you can call it a bedroom (tiny!) - as a study. We have a whole wall filled with books on the shelves. When we get a house - we have a townhouse apartment now - I want a reading nook...and hidden passages! We love architectural details in a house. Here are some nooks that are inspiring me now; I'm going to incorporate some ideas into the redesign for next week. All images from Google Images, keywords: reading nooks.


Jenmarie said...

You must be very proud of your husband! I'm sure you'll miss him a lot but I hope that you'll be able to keep yourself busy so you won't be so sad :) Doing things to your home is a very good idea!

Ashley said...

Thanks, Jen! I am proud. :) I'm hoping the time will go by super fast!