Monday, March 14, 2011

Feeling a Bit Like Frodo with a Touch of Nautical

So, I've been spending all my time with my husband, who is now on his way to basic training for the Navy. It was weird today. I bought groceries by myself for the first time, and I'm proud of myself for not hitting the ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc. I'm well, and so is the husband. God is good! He's going to get us through this. 

I now feel like Frodo from Lord of the Rings. I'm wearing my husband's wedding band on a necklace so that he won't lose it or anything while he's away. It almost feels like he's still here. Now I want to watch the trilogy.

So, all this got me a little fashion inspire. Military-inspired outfits are big, but they tend to be a bit more influenced by the Army. What about the Navy? Bring on the nautical, which is always stylish!


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