Friday, March 4, 2011

Week in Review

Well, this week has been eventful. I pulled practically every muscle in my back. It was so incredibly painful. It took a few days, but I can move (mostly) without any pain. It's mostly stiff now. Horrible.

While at Target looking for hats - like this one -

I discovered the wonderfulness that is the Target snack bar. I bought an Icee for $1.50. It was huge!!! I love those! They remind me of my childhood!! Ah-mazing! Man, their stuff is so cheap! You can make a good meal for under $10!

 From there, the husband and I ate at Five Guys, which was soo good!!

I haven't had a burger and fries since the honeymoon back in October. For the record, the burger place we went to was a 1950s model of Mel's Diner. It was really amazing. We had it as soon as we got to our destination because we were starving. It was so worth it! It was the simplest meal on the honeymoon, but one of the most memorable.

I have been wanting to get a cat for awhile. So, we went looking for kitties to adopt at PetCo and PetSmart.

I want them! The top kitty just had been spayed that day, so she was tired. Poor kitty. I'm a huge cat lover. I've had a cat my whole life. Except now. So, you can imagine why I want one.

While there at PetSmart, I picked up a toy, or baby as we call it, for my parents' dog. She loves it! I miss her! They got her about ten years ago, and she's so sweet!

So, very eventful!


Jenmarie said...

I'm so sorry about your bag! Take it easy ok? :)

Oh yes, Target has great icees! I haven't had one in a long time!

Your dinner looks delicious!

Ashley said...

Thanks, Jen! :D

Heather said...

Cute kitties! We went to petsmart once to look at the them and the lady let us go back and play with all of them. The second one looks a little like mine.