Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The return of hats ... finally!

I love hats. I have for years! I like rocking hats at church - I've been trying to bring them back to no avail. Winter is wonderful for hats; my favorite style is the 1920s flapper style. So, you can imagine my gleefulness to see hats being a hot item for spring. Here are some great ideas for hats!

  Floppy Hat w/ Chain Trim - Forever 21 $10.80

Chain Trim Cloche Hat - Forever 21 $12.80

 Woven Bao Straw Cloche - Hats in the Belfry $128.00

Ribbon Braid Big Brim - Hats in the Belfry - $38.00

Betmar Linen Lampshade - $36.00

Jeanne Simmons Lucy Cloche - $12.95

Betmar Floral Cadet Cap - $32.00

1 comment:

Jenmarie said...

That floppy hat from Forever 21 is so cute!