Saturday, February 19, 2011

When the wind changes

So, this weather is weird. It's in the 60s, and it has been pretty much all week. Now, I love this feeling, but not in the middle of February, in the dead of winter. Anyone else feel the same? I'm a seasonist, meaning I like the weather to feel the way its suppose to for that particular time of year. Sure, I've enjoyed a return to skirts, which I'll be posting my outfit when I find my camera, but it's not time for it yet. However, when the weather starts to turn, I start to change, too. How? I'll tell you!

1. I don't want to eat as much. I also start to not want as many heavy foods. My theory is the body puts on more weight in the winter to keep us warm. It has been really cold, so this is how I'm explaining the few pounds I've gained. That and being a newlywed.

2. I start to think tornadoes are going to happen any minute. There's a reason I think this. I live in the only place that has two official tornado seasons. Actually, we really have tornadoes all year round, so after a while, you can tell by the way the wind blows if bad weather is going to happen. I sometimes feel like I'm Bill from Twister: smell it in the dirt.

3. I want to go to the I love the beach so much, especially this time of year. End of May is the best time, but try to time it before school gets out. I love the beach life: very laid back with a lot of seafood. Seafood is my favorite. I'll pretty much eat anything that swims to move around.

So, how about you? I'm ready for skirts and sandals again. What do you look forward to when the weather changes?


Jenmarie said...

Tornadoes? That sounds so scary! I didn't know you had tornadoes where you lived.

Ashley said...

Oh, yes! We get more tornadoes than snow! At least, tornado warnings. I haven't been through one, thank goodness, but my dad and grandfather have.