Thursday, January 20, 2011

Riviera Fitness

I'm loving Group Power at Riviera Fitness. I had my doubts and fears, but it's so good! It's a good mix of men and women, and it gives a good challenge without being impossible for those who have never done a weight lifting class. I like to do 30 minutes of cardio first to get warmed up before class. No, it doesn't tire me out. You don't move around a lot in the class; you just lift the weights. You might do some lunges.

Why Do Weight Lifting?
You Will Be Physically Stronger.
You Will Lose Body Fat. 
You Will Gain Strength Without Bulk (for women; men gain mass).
You Decrease Your Risk Of Osteoporosis. 
You Will Improve Your Athletic Performance.
You Will Reduce Your Risk Of Injury, Back Pain and Arthritis. 
You Will Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease.
You Will Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes. 
It Is Never Too Late To Benefit. 
You Will Improve Your Attitude And Fight Depression.  

I've only been doing it a few weeks, and I can tell a difference. You will love it!

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