Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Remedies for Dry Winter Skin

I hope you had a lovely few holidays! I went back to my parents for about a week. It was nice to visit, but it sure is wonderful to be back home.

This winter has been especially harsh on my skin. It's very dry here in Puget Sound right now, and my skin is taking the brunt of it. My feet are so dry that they're cracking and peeling. Gosh, it can be painful. This has never happened to me, so naturally, it freaked me out. After trying several products and steps, I think I have found a good solution.

Feet Remedy

Step 1 - Soak your feet in a nice foot spa that can bubble and keep the heat. Add bath salts to the water for your soak. You can even find foot soak fizzies, which I love.
Step 2 - Use a pumice to smooth your feet and remove the dead skin. Pat dry.
Step 3 - Using a cotton ball or cotton pad, apply olive oil to your feet. Massage in.
Step 4 - Once the olive oil has been soaked up, apply a strong lotion, preferably one for feet as they tend to be thicker.
Step 5 - Put on socks right after you apply the lotion.

I have been doing this a few evenings, and I can tell a difference. Olive oil...who knew?

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