Thursday, October 23, 2014

Librarian at Work

Librarian at Work
I love being a librarian. After years and years of waiting, volunteering, and working at jobs I was over-qualified to do (and who hasn't been in that situation?), I finally made it! Thank you, God! It was worth the wait, I think. I learned more about myself and learned what truly matters most. My attire for this position is different and yet the same as some previous jobs. So, I realized I need some new clothes for it. I can now be freer with what I choose and more relaxed. My first professional job was as a high school teacher right out of college, so I had to dress to make myself look older. Now, I can wear what I like to work, which is always a nice, neat, and sophisticated look. That is what I naturally gravitate toward, even when I'm not going to work. What does a librarian wear? At least, what does this librarian wear? Well, let me break it down for you.

I'm a reference librarian primarily, so I'm typically sitting a lot. I'm also under an air vent, which causes me to get chilly at work. I'll have a nice shirt and slacks paired with dress shoes; I prefer wedges as they provide a lot of support. Plus, they just look cute, especially for the Fall. I do love dressing up and wearing make-up to work. So many people don't, but I just feel more pulled together when I do.

As a huge Kate Spade fan, it's not uncommon to see me wearing some jewelry from the brand. I gravitate mostly toward watches and earrings, and Kate Spade earrings tend to be affordable. At least for a designer brand. The handbags from the line are amazing. They are sturdy and of great quality. I carry a lot of books and notebooks with me (I never know what mood I'm in), so I need a bag with space.

You may already know of my love for all things from the Flower Beauty line of makeup. It's amazing! High quality (like Bobbi Brown quality) at great prices. I little bit of lipstick, some blush, and I'm set. That's on a day when I have to rush to work. On slower mornings, I do the whole shebang: foundation, corrector, brightening powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara in addition to the above.  

Yes, I did include reading glasses. But the computer screen resolution at the reference desk is terrible, and when I change it, it always gets changed back. So, reading glasses are needed.

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SHE Jenmarie said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your new job! This outfit is cute! I really love the coat/cape.