Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure

I have been on a quest for a quality nude eyeshadow pallet. My eyelids tend to get greasy, and many shadows I've tried don't last, even with primer. I came across Smashbox's Full Exposure kit a few weeks ago. The kit comes with the pallet that has a great double-ended brush as well as mascara. The brush has an end for the matte shades and an end for the shimmer shades.

I love this pallet. It has all the shades you need to create any look, from the no-makeup look to smokey. It is a wonderful tool for all skin and eye colors. I really feel like a makeup artist with it. The shadow doesn't flake off when you use the brush either.

I really like this, and I highly recommend it.

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SHE Jenmarie said...

The shades are beautiful! I would suggest investing in a primer to keep your eyelids from getting oily. It will make your eye shadow look even better and will last you throughout the day.