Monday, January 27, 2014

Decluttering the Make-up and Body Products

I have a slight obsession with make-up and body products. I'll see something I like or something that smells great, and I'll get it, even if I already have plenty of other products to do the job. Lotions, eyeshadow, bubble bath, it doesn't matter. I love it all. I realized the other day that I need to clean out what I don't use. I sometimes fall into the trap of "I'll use it one day," but that day never comes.

I have a unique place. In our bedroom, we have an extra sink and cabinet. Weird, but so handy for me. That sink is mine. It is so easy to add more stuff if you have enough space. That's what happened to me. So, clean out time! Here's what I did.

(I took the photos with my iPad thinking they would be as clear as my iPhone pictures. Hmm...not so much. I'll stick to the phone next time.)

Step 1: pull everything out of the cupboards and off the counter.

You can see my kitty wanted to help with the process. Yes, lots and lots of pretty things.

Step 2: sort into piles based on category (make-up, hair products, face products, etc.)

This sorting process made a huge task much better. This way, I knew what I had in each type of product so that I could make the best decision on what stayed and what was tossed. I realized I had more than I thought when it was all lumped together.

Step 3: eliminate the unused products.

Step 4: organize and display.

I have a make-up tray now on my counter. Getting rid of make-up was hard, but I knew I needed to get rid of what I don't use. I have my lotions and other essentials out and displayed. The rest (bubble bath, hair products, and summer products) are in organized containers under the sink. Now, I feel much better.

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Jenmarie said...

It's always good to go through things to figure out what you love and don't care for anymore. Love the end results :)