Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Love: Seattle

I absolutely adore the Emerald City, Seattle. Of the cities I've visited, it's either number two or number three of my favorites, depending on my mood. Number one is London; Seattle is in competition with Paris. A few weeks ago, I stayed in Seattle, but couldn't take any pictures since my husband had it while on deployment. Now, I have an iPhone!! That means better pictures and more posts. 

Today in Seattle, we did the touristy things. After shopping at REI's flagship, we walked toward Pike Market. It was a beautiful day, perfect for walking. On the way, we past by the Fifty Shades of Grey condo building, Escala. 

After arriving at the Market, we explored it all. Tip: try to avoid it on the weekends. 

You do get to hear a lot of musicians. Some are good. Some aren't. You should see the gum wall. Yes, a wall of gum. What makes it worth it is the large collection of artwork on the other walls by it. 

I really love all of the fresh flowers. If we didn't live two hours away, I would always get them. 

I  finally got to see the little original Starbucks on our way to the ferris wheel. The wheel should be on everyone's list; it offers some of the best views. 

We ended our fin with delicious French macaroons from Le Panier at Pike Market. 

The truly is a wonderful city. 

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