Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Staying Warm

Sometimes in the winter, it's just too cold to get all gussied up. You just want to wear comfy, warm clothes. I hear you on that one. In the past few days, I have just about gotten the warm and comfy look down. For years, during the winter I was never fully warm and comfortable; it was an either/or for me. My look has become a little more casual; either that or I'm now starting to focus on looking good while being comfortable. Fabrics I would have worn before are no longer allowed. It makes for a better frame of mind for me. Clothes are one of the ways I express myself, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I want to share with you my favorite ideas for being warm and comfortable. Bear in mind, the items below are not an outfit; rather, they are items I love for the Winter. Right about now, there are sales galore, so take advantage of it! I know I am with item #3; it goes on sale for 20% plus the 20% off coupon! Score!

1. Bear Paw Emma Boots
I just got this exact pair the other day on sale. In the past, I would never be caught dead in these. I didn't like the look of Uggs. Now that I live in Puget Sound, I feel differently. I don't tuck my pants into them; this helps to keep my legs even warmer. The soft, warm lining inside the whole boot is amazing. I can't believe how much I love them. When I wear them out and about, it's like I'm wearing house slippers.

2. Cuddl Duds Women's Climatesmart Long Legging
I can't go a winter without these. I never wear them by themselves; they always go under pants for added warmth. Other brands exist, so be on the look-out. I will give you a warning. Many times these run out quickly, so be sure you pick up some as soon as you see them. I'm probably going to grab another pair in the next few days.

3. The North Face Microvelour Pants
Where have these been my whole life?! I cannot wait to get these. They are made of fleece and super warm. I finally have a solution for my problem of not having warm pants to wear for outdoor activities.

4. Infinity Knit Scarf
I love scarves. A knit scarf provides so much warmth, and having it as an infinity creates a sleek look. If they are big enough, the infinity can also go over the shoulders.

5. Aloe Vera Snowflake Socks
Body heat leaves via the feet, so warm, thick socks will keep the heat in. With aloe vera socks, not only are you warm, you're also helping your feet be smooth and soft.

6. Dash Long Sleeve Fleece
I have a fleece shirt and love it. I got mine from Old Navy last year on the cheap. Fleece is so comfortable and very warm. I like to wear a shirt underneath to trap in the heat of my body. I highly recommend something like this. They are more flatteringly designed than before, so you can look cute and be warm.

7. Bound Seam Duffle Coat
Sometimes a comfortable coat that looks stylish is hard to find, especially if your wearing a lot of layers already. Many duffle coats are a bit roomier, so you can really bundle up and be comfortable. With a hood on top, your all set to be warm!

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