Monday, September 17, 2012

Tricky Fall Trend - Shorts with Tights

Back when I was in elementary school in the 90s, I remember shorts with tights being a big thing. Add a pair of socks over the tights, and we 90s girls were set! I didn't think that look would return. Until now. It's back! Tights with shorts have being making a slow comeback, and this fall it's a returning trend. The draw for this look is a little bit of sexiness without being too revealing. This style can be dressed up or dressed down, from preppy to grungy. The dressy short for this season tends to be short in length, so no Bermudas. Also, be sure they have a little room in the leg area; no clingy shorts. I tend to be more of the dressy/ preppy style. The dressy style of short is to be high-waisted with dark tights. The grungy style tends to be short in length and tight against the leg. Or, you can go dressy on top and grungy on the bottom. This trend is very versatile and allows for a lot of personal styling.

I'm not sure just yet if I will try it. I'm the type who has to see it several times before I will venture out to try it on my own. This might work for me because my nasty legs will be covered by the tight. If you're like me, here's a little help to get you going. Images via Pinterest.

So, will you try it?


Jenmarie said...

I think this look is super cute! You should defintely try it and see what you think :)

Ashley said...

Thanks! I'm thinking I'll give it a whirl and take some pictures!

Anonymous said...

Don't mind doing so myself and I'm a guy.

Anonymous said...

Clarification. I was surprised you would ask as there's no reason for women to be afraid to wear tights with shorts compared to guys who get called "gay" for doing that. In Europe, women wear tights with shorts all year round and guys have also been getting into it and nothing wrong there. Wished this country would let both genders easy on tights and shorts. Sorry about my earlier post not being clear.