Monday, September 3, 2012

The Shady Side of Seattle

I love to travel, and any chance I get, I go! Since at least high school, I've wanted to visit Seattle, WA, and now I live two hours away from it. I have to admit, I thought we would be sent to Everett, WA, which is less than an hour from Seattle, but the Navy surprised us. It's still so exciting being so close.

Yesterday, the husband and I went back to Seattle. We visited shortly after we moved here, but I forgot to take my camera. I know. This time, we first stopped at the REI flagship store. That place is amazing. It has everything you could want for the outdoors. We're big into camping, hiking, and biking, so we always love going. In San Diego, we were always close to a store, but now we're about an hour from one.

The flagship is a building with three glorious floors and a beautiful waterfall as you walk in. It, like so many other things in Seattle, makes me wish we lived closer.

After that, we thought we would do something touristy: Bill Speidel's Underground Tour. It was so much fun. You learn a lot about the city's history and get to go into the hidden underground area. Turns out the downtown is raised fifteen feet from the original ground level due to it burning down in a fire. It was a good thing; the city was finally able to stop being a city of exploding toilets.

You sure do learn a lot about toilets, including the creator: Thomas Crapper. And you also learned about the heavy prostitution and how it influenced the city's development. All in all, a really fascinating time under the streets of Seattle.


Fashion Tales said...

Seattle is such a cool and artsy city! Some of it actually reminds me of London. At least weather-wise at times. We took the underground tour and I loved it, so much history about the Emerald city to love. :)

Ashley said...

I know, right?! I love the weather, but we're in a dry spell now so maybe it'll get rainy again! There are so many literary things to do, it's crazy.