Monday, August 20, 2012

Make-Up Lust: Bobbi Brown

I enjoy experimenting with make-up. I find that I play around with it more than my clothes style. I like a natural, enhanced look. I use to be big into eyeliner, but not so much anymore, though the fun thing with it is that it lasts and works as eyeshadow sometimes. I'm more into browns for my eyes. I've done the grays and purples in the past, but brown is my current phase. I also love the nudes with pink undertones. Pink but not too pink. Like a whisper of a pink that gives you just enough flush. I tried pinks on my eyelids before. Not too pretty. Best left on the checks and lips.

I really love Bobbi Brown. So many pretty shades and products. It's no wonder Kate Middleton uses them. I only have one eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush, but they're enough for me to always love. The shadow is great, but I need a better primer to keep it in place; my eyelids tend to get greasy.

My products:
In Cocoa

Amazing Brush

I have a hard time letting go of make-up and body products. That, and, I always want newer ones. Oh, these products I want! These look so great. Must not go crazy!

 Sheer Color Lip Gloss

Starlight Night Collection

Skin Foundation SPF 15. You can also get a portable stick version for touch-ups!

 Brightening Finishing Powder - I want!

Added bonus about Bobbi Brown? The people who work the counters know their stuff! They are always friendly and don't push the products on you to buy. Plus, the website is amazing and helpful! Bobbi even has palettes you can view and recreate.

I need a job for my make-up addiction.

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