Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smelling the Roses

This is just too good to not pass along to you! I love candles. If I'm not careful, I will buy way too many of them. I also love the smell of roses; it's one of my top favorite smells. Combine the candle with the roses and you have Heaven! I'm experiencing Heaven right now. Over the weekend, my husband and I went to the tiny town of Julian, California, which is about an hour from San Diego. I'll warn you: if you're used to lush mountains like the Smokies, you might not be impressed. However, it does offer an escape from the hectic city life, and you can pan for gold! It was a gold mining town, and it still celebrates its roots, which I love. Another hint: shops close up around 5 P.M. and so do many of the restaurants.

 Anyway, back to the candles! In one of the stores, The American Gardener (I think that's the name), they sale amazing lotions, candles, and soap. Many are made on site. The candles I love are from the E. Barrett & Co. line, which are made there. The candles are from soy and bee's wax. Why is that so amazing? When the wax is melting, you can use it as perfume! I'm using it like that now. I love it! The company also offers soaps and other smell goodies. The Wild Rose is what I'm loving. It's a nice, strong smell without being overpowering.

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