Friday, February 10, 2012

The Jason Wu Nightmare

Back when Target announced that Jason Wu would be their latest designer to create clothes for the store, I was excited. I loved what Missoni did, so I was pumped for the latest. Who doesn't like designer clothing for the cheap? Sign me up! Soon, the lookbook popped up, and I was able to finally see what to expect. At first, I thought the items wouldn't look good on me. Actually, I thought they wouldn't look good on any woman who has a chest or hips or - imagine! - both. They were the shapeless silhouettes. But I thought that maybe they might look better on that I was thinking. So, I waited.

February 5th rolls around. A Sunday. Why release the line on a Sunday? Weird. I go to church, so I didn't get in on the mad dash for the clothes. The next day, I did. What do I see? Two racks for Jason Wu clothes. I ask you this: if Target knows there is a big demand for the clothes, which they do, why only have TWO RACKS? These are little racks, too. The arms extend out maybe two feet for clothes. I'm sorry, but that's insane. The racks have about five pieces on them. Luckily, they are in my size. I quickly learn why. I won't lie; I'm an XL. The stress of my husband joining the Navy combined with the move across the country and the fruitless search for a job have not been kind on my figure. I know why the only sizes left were XL: the clothes weren't designed for women who have curves. In one dress, my breasts were too big for it.

While the clothes aren't in the stores around me, the commercials still air. Remembering from the Missoni experience, I last night I decided to try my luck again at the biggest Target in San Diego. I hit gold! There are a lot of designs in all the sizes. Feeling hopeful, I try some again. Same thing. In one shirt, it's incredibly baggy except on a small part of the back which is very tight. A dress fit but was so baggy it looked to add several pounds.

So what did I learn/think? Two things. The line is best for skinny women and Jason Wu needs to learn to design so that other types can wear his clothes. I hope the next designer for Target will fit me better.

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