Sunday, November 6, 2011

Outdoorsy Girl

There has always been an outdoorsy girl in me. I love swimming, hiking, camping, all that. The only problem is that my family wasn't like that. If they were, they never showed it to me. I can see my brother and dad doing that but not my mom, so maybe that's why we never did anything. Now, I have a husband who has the same love of the outdoors as I do! And, we're in a place that offers so many activities, it's great. My inner outdoors girl can finally play!

Since I've never done the outdoors much other than bike or jog/walk outside, I was thrown for a loop on a camping trip I had with my husband about two weeks after arriving in San Diego. I thought S.D. was always warm and dry. No. Not at night by the ocean. We and our Navy group camped next to the beach, and I was cold. So, now I know. Oh, yeah, since I thought it's warm here, I left all my cool weather clothes back in Alabama. I'm into layering and having full zip-up jackets so they can quickly come off if I get too warm.

Luckily for me, a lot of great Columbia and North Face items can be bought at the Navy Exchange at a lower price and no tax! The prices below are the prices on the company's website. I tend to prefer white for some reason. That said, here are some items I'm wanting!

Columbia Women's First Traverse Fleece Hoodie - $65

Columbia Women's Fast Trek II Full Zip Fleece Jacket - $45
(I love all of the zippers Columbia has - even on the inside!)

Columbia Women's Suspiciously Sweet Long Sweater Fleece - $90

Columbia Women’s Landlash Softshell - $100

Columbia Women's Anytime Long Sleeve Top - $40
(Has thumb holes! Fabric wicks sweat away)

Columbia Women’s Silver Ridg Convertible Full Leg Pant - $65

Columbia Women’s Back Up Trail Straight Leg Pant - $60

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