Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lessons from the First Week

First week of the job under my belt! It wasn't too terribly bad. Sure, there were a few moments of "what am I doing here?" I guess that's to be expected with the whole new job and field. I'm looking at this position as a way to learn more about my skills and what I want in a job. I know that I want my permanent job to be a university or high school librarian, but having a husband in the Navy will put that on the back burner. This position has made me realize that even more so. I know in time I'll get there. This job will help me hone my skills and hopefully help me in my witnessing skills to be fearless. The more I learn the more comfortable I feel.

This new opportunity has really gotten me to thinking about where I've been and where I want to go. I like that I had this change of losing a job I wanted. This really opened my eyes to what is really important to me. I've always been a person driven by goals, but these past years I've lost that. I lost part of myself. Moving to California gave me time to really ponder about everything. I'm so excited to be living this life. I'm realizing I'm living my dream.

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