Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving Mayhem

Oh my Lord of the Rings. I really hate moving. I didn't mind it too much before, but that was when I had only a few things and not an entire townhouse apartment to move by myself! Luckily, my mother was happy to help. If you need to move, use Two Men and a Truck. Amazing. My husband and I are renting an apartment in San Diego that is already furnished, so just about all of our belongings went into a 10x15 storage unit. This is why you get a professional company so they can stack everything and maximize space. Still, I had stuff left over that needed to go in, and it really was like pushing a cream puff through a key hole. Somehow, it all went in. Sure, there was a severe thunderstorm going on as we did it, but we made it without getting struck by lightning.

I've been packing for about two weeks now, and I'm glad it's almost over! I now just need to board the plane. I have my outfit already picked out. Feast your eyes on it!

Yes, I bought another Just Bitten, this time in Desire. Amazing!

I'm just hoping everything goes well. I've already sent my car over to San Diego. I loaded it down, and it was stuffed! I'm still not sure how I got everything in there. It was all crazy. But it will be worth it. I haven't been with my husband since March 15th. We've only had two weekend together during that time, so it will be wonderful to have him back in my life permenantly! 

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Jenmarie said...

Oh my gosh that sounds like a lot of work! I know you said the place you're renting is fully furnished but what will you do with your current furniture, save it for the next time you move? Is the place you're staying temporary?

Cute outfit!