Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Travel Tips Learned

Freshly back from my trip to the Windy City, I have a few tips and tricks I picked up along the way. Since summer is officially here and more people like to travel during this season, I hope these will help you!

For the Airplane
  • Get there with plenty of time to spare - at least an hour before take-off. You have a lot of security to get through.
  • Try to print off your boarding pass at home - saves you time - if your airline offers that. Southwest does.
  • Pick up something to drink, preferably water, while on the plane. The plane can dry you out, so keep that in mind. 
  • Think about getting an isle seat if you're traveling for awhile so that it will be easier to move should you need to use the restroom while on board. 
  • Should you decide to invest in a nice piece of luggage (hello Vuitton!), choose one for the overhead so that you can keep track of it better and so that it won't get banged around like those that are checked.
  • A boarding pass/passport holder is a great thing to have. Get one that zips, is easy to clean, and has room for cards and money. That way, you can lighten your load and just carry that in your purse.
  • Dress comfortably - especially with waistbands.
All Purpose Traveling
  • Take a different, nondescript purse with you. This can lessen your chances of getting mugged if people don't think you have money.
  • Use a cross-body purse so that your hands are free and it's harder to be snatched away. 
  • Lighten your purse load. Take only the necessaries, such as anti-bacterial cleanser, money, one credit card (if any), nail clippers, band-aids, chap-stick.
  • No matter what, pack some running shoes because you never know when the spirit might hit you to do a lot of shopping/exploring, and you don't want to have painful feet.
  • If you're renting a car, check to see if your destination had toll booths, and if so see if you can get something that pre-pays it for you, some type of monitor. Also, if it's offered, get the package that won't make you fill up before you return the vehicle - they take care of it. Gas prices are crazy, plus you don't want to have to worry about filling up before you turn in the car.
  • Pack extra underwear. You never know how sweaty you'll get.
  • Be a traveler, not a tourist. Enjoy the city/location!

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