Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This past weekend, I was able to visit my husband in Chicago. We've only seen each other for a weekend the past three months, so we were both excited about the trip. He's in the Navy, and is stationed about an hour from Chicago.

I flew in Friday, and I had a delay. Here's the crazy story: a man was on one of those holding lists trying to find a plane, so we had to wait to see if we had room. Then, we had to wait while he tried to find room in an overhead for his $6000 guitar. I know. Then, we were delayed because a thunderstorm with lightning hit. We were an hour behind. If the guy hadn't tried to board, we would not have been late.

I've discovered that I now get queasy on airplanes, and I didn't use to, so I'll have to figure out what to do/take to avoid it. Not fun.

All in all, I had a wonderful time seeing my husband. It was perfect. We went into Chicago all day Saturday and took in the local and tourist scenes. I finally was able to have a colorful macaroon, which you'll see below. Made my day! I've always wanted one!

Lovely beaches. The sand is almost like sandbox sand: darkish and coarse.

Happiness on the Magnificent Mile!

The window display was great. The hot air balloons moved and the screen had a video of the desert.

Close to the museum park. There's a great Japanese restaurant nearby.

Field Museum of Natural History. I love dinosaurs!

Off the beaten path on Lincoln Avenue, just walking around.

Huge used bookstore.

You must go to Bittersweet if you visit Chicago! Great pastries!

The funny part about the trip was we used the GPS to find a Coach factory. Well, it took us up to Wisconsin to a plain factory. As luck would have it, though, we were across from the Jelly Belly factory, so we went in to the gift shop and had a good time. Turns out, we found the Coach store two miles away!

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Jenmarie said...

I'm so glad you got to see your husband! Oh my gosh, you had macarons? I'm so jealous! I bet they were delicious!

Try taking bonine or dramamine whenever you fly a plane next :)