Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hair Envy: Getting Kate Middleton's Hair

  1. Shampoo your hair and detangle it with a wide comb. Spray your hair with heat protectant. You don’t want to damage your hair forever! Now blow dry your hair till it is nearly ¾ dry.
  2. Next, part your hair in sections and blow dry each section individually, taking care to curl the ends with a round brush.
  3. Once your hair is completely dry-try this trick! Lift hair as close to the roots as you can and comb through it-only in the opposite direction. Use a fine comb. You’ll add instant volume to your tresses. This will create the classic voluminous hair with the smooth top!
  4. Going for hot rollers? Make sure you go for larger sections of the hair- for that loosely curled look. And yes- do remember not to leave them in for too long!
  5. Once you’ve allowed the curlers or the rollers to cool down- your hair should be as bouncy and voluminous as Kate’s!
  6. Finish off with a hair spray, so that your painstaking work stays put for at least some time!

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