Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's All Have a Tear Fest

Yeah, I'm feeling like this. I kinda have been for a few days now. Why? Well, I didn't get an interview for my dream job. I went to school there, worked in the library there, and still didn't even get an interview for the librarian position. So, it also feels like the school did this to me:

I know they didn't, but it feels like it. What gets me through this is knowing that God does have a plan for my life, even if I can't see it, even if the plans I wanted didn't work out. Trials happen for a reason. We may not like them, we may hate them. God doesn't give us obstacles or horrible situations because He's punishing us. There's always a reason. It may take  years for us to figure it out, but in time we do. For me, I'm learning that He's in control and will take care of me. I'm learning to love my husband far more than I thought possible. Is this a fun situation for me? No. But, I won't despair. I know my Father will get me through it, and usually something better comes along after the pain. He promised that He will never leave nor forsake me, and I know He is truth and will be there.

But, I have had my sob fest. This is what I had along with me:

Just without the candle. And with five more of them. What? I'm having a bad week! :P


Sarah Nicole said...

Cupcakes are the perfect company at a sob fest.

Jenmarie said...

Aww, I am so sorry dear. I can completely relate to your frustration but I am so glad that you're holding your head up high. God indeed has a plan for you!