Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pulling an Austen

So, while my husband was in bootcamp, all we could do was write to each other. I wrote him every day. He did get to call, but not very often. During this time, I got to enjoy writing letters again. I think a handwritten letter or card is so classy. I hate to see it slowly slip away. It shows the person you care because it takes more time to write and send one than an email or text. And F.Y.I. - I hate texting. I have it disabled on my cell!

I love stationary, so I thought I'd scour the Web to find some cute designs. For me, sometimes all it takes is the right paper to get me inspired. That plus the pen. How about you? Do you like writing or prefer typing?

From The Paper Princess - $22

 From Inkadinkadoodle - $15

From Crane and Co. - $29

 From Pinkbathtub - $9

 From WritingsByBluebirds - $6.50

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