Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Target Finds

Yesterday, I went browsing through Target just for fun. You should go because they are having a huge sale until Friday!! I bought the above items, but I wanted to get more!

Pride and Prejudice - $12 (I know, right?!)
Lavender candles - $3.50 (smell so good!)
Earrings - $4.95 (be still, my heart!)

The earrings are wonderful. I really only needed the gold ones, but the other two are perfect. I love Target! The body isles are amazing! The sales are 30%-50%, and a lot are in electronics. Ah, I love that store!


Jenmarie said...

Oh my gosh, that is an amazing deal on P&P! If I didn't have it I'd leave my apartment to go and get it!

Ashley said...

I love this movie!!!!