Friday, January 21, 2011

Rain Boots!

I love rain boots, or galoshes, which ever you prefer. You can wear them with pants or skirts. I'm not too fond of them with shorts. For work or a place where you want to wear spiffy shoes, wear the boots and carry your nice shoes with you to change into upon arrival. Since Spring is upon us, I have searched for some boots that might interest you. Belk is having a sale on them, too! 

Rampage Raisin
$34.99 at Belk

Rampage Raisin
$34.99 at Belk 

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Rosalyn Boot
$65.00 at Belk

Coach Pixie (other colors)
$59.00 at (sale)

Tretorn Skerry Reslig (other colors)
$43.93 at


Jenmarie said...

Aww, you found some real cute prints!

Britta Kirk said...

Hey! Thanks so much for visiting Forelsket, and leaving such a lovely comment! Your Welly prints are great, and since I'm in the UK right now, I could use all the wellies I can get a hold of! I especially love the Lauren! Have a lovely weekend!