Monday, July 6, 2015

Time to Live

I think I'm ready. Actually ready, ready. I'm ready to start living the life I daydream about. Am I the only one that does this? I have a tendency to live in my head too much; I am an INTP, after all. Since I was nine, I have wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest, and here I am! I made it. Sadly, I am not living the life I want to live. For a couple of years now, I've felt stagnant, and - dare I say it - actually afraid to do what I want. Afraid of what you might ask? (I know I did.) Afraid of failure. Isn't that silly? Not living the life I want due to fear of failing at living the life I want.

So what have I done instead? I've eaten my emotions. Too much food, too little movement, which is ironic since in my dream world I'm doing activities all the time: rock climbing, stand up paddleboarding, biking, yoga, you get the picture. It's time for me to do the things I want to do instead of opting out due to the notion that I'm not fit enough for them. I'll never know until I try.

I'm ready to embrace the Cascadia life. If you're like me - wanting to live here and live like the locals do - join me as I shed my old life and adopt a new one.

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