Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tulip Festival

Every April in a neighboring county is the Tulip Festival. It's in Skagit County, which is about an hour north of Seattle, WA. It's a big thing here. There are fields covered in yellow and red tulips. They are gorgeous! You have to get there early April to see them before they're cut for sale.

In the middle of the month, the town of Mount Vernon always has a street fair on the weekend in the middle of the month. It's so much fun. So many booths! So many things to try! I never tire of it.

One of the artists created some work during the fair.

Yes, it was a Paint-a-Person booth. This was set up by this really cool arty story (see below). The store has fun nostalgic items on one side and serious art supplies on the other. It's a magical place. Truly.

If you're in the Puget Sound area in spring, be sure to check out the festival. It's huge and amazing. Spring is a great time out here. I'm in love with my home. 

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