Monday, February 2, 2015

Pacific NW Style

If you haven't noticed, I love living in Puget Sound, WA. It is such a wonderful place. Seattle and Vancouver, Canada are less than two hours away, and it's so easy to find healthy and natural food/products. It's wonderful. I have trees, I have mountains, and I have the sea. I am in paradise.

I've been adopting a NW style over the months I've been here. So, what exactly is the style like here? It's part sophisticated, part quirky, and part relaxed. Many of us tend to be drawn to the outdoors, and it's reflected in our dress. For me, I love wearing my Bean Boots with yoga pants, a plaid shirt, and a warm zip-up vest topped off with a beanie. Another cute, common look out her and a breezy dress with a cardigan, tights, flats, and scarf. I typically don't wear the last look as I don't have the cute dresses yet. I'm hoping this year more of the dresses will be available in the style I like.

Northwest Style

Pacific NW Style

The first style is one I adore. Maybe this will be the year I brave the second look.

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