Monday, February 23, 2015

Cole Haan Bradshaw Pump

I am in love with my new shoes. I bought these beautiful Cool Haan pumps at DSW. They are very comfy for a pump. The heel is 2.5 inches, so not too tall. I've been wearing them at work, and so far so good. On the website, the pumps go for $248. Holy moly! I got mine at DSW for $100, which is a lot more than I would spend on heels, but I've decided my feet are worth the investment. My last pumps, from Michael Kors that I got on sale at DSW, didn't stay comfortable for long. Don't  you just hate it when you try on a shoe and it feels great only to have it betray you later on and hurt your feet? Yeah, me too.

My feet are wide, so it can be tricky finding a pump that works. I had just about given up on a pointy one until I found these. I remember my first pair of grown-up black pumps I bought in college. They were gorgeous. The heel was about an inch or so, and I just loved them. I wore them out. I'm hoping these new one will work as wonderfully as my first pair.

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