Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seattle Spots to See

Monday, I went on another excursion to Seattle, one of my favorite cities. I went mostly for the photography I would take, but I also stopped at the Seattle Art Museum. Mostly, I stayed at the touristy places like Pike Place Market. If you're in Seattle, here are some of my favorite places in downtown.

You can't go to Seattle and not visit Pike Place Market. I recommend going during the week in the morning as it won't be as busy. The vendors tend to close up around 4 P.M. There are stores and individual stall since it also has a great farmers market. While there, be sure to check out the Wall of Gum. The original Starbucks is here; it is on the small alley right across from the farmers market. You can find it by the original Starbuck sign that hangs down.

While you're at the Market, a few shops from the Starbucks is a little bit of Heaven called Le Panier. It is a glorious French bakery. The macaroons are the reason I go here. They are scrumptious. There is always a line, but it is worth it. You should get a macaroon in each flavor. I don't have a favorite since they're all so wonderful.

Another gem in the Market is Market Spice. This place is famous for their Cinnamon-Orange tea, which I'm drinking at the moment. Oh my word that tea is good. The store has several other types of tea, spices, and tools of the trade. To find this store, look for the fish being thrown (which is another famous part of the Market).

The Market is wonderful. You can spend hours there. No need to worry about food or restrooms as there are plenty of both. For parking, I recommend parking in the Target garage and walking the couple of blocks to it. Much cheaper than the Market parking lot.

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