Thursday, November 6, 2014

If You Could Only Have One Makeup Item...

What if you can only have one item of makeup? Do you know what you would choose? For me, it's a corrector. Hands down, it is the most important item I wear. I currently use Bobbi Brown's Corrector in Light Bisque. I tend to have dark circles under my eyes, and this stuff gets rid of them instantly. However, I will be looking for a new brand after this is out as Bobbi Brown is owned by Estee Lauder, which means Bobbi Brown is no longer cruelty-free. They sell in China, and China requires animal testing on all products. I will be scouring My Beauty Bunny for a replacement.

How to use - apply under eyes with a concealer makeup brush. Then, brush on powder to set.

I don't know where this has been my whole life, but I will never be without it again.

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